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Woman In The Mirror

Whatever you see, feel, or think {mindset} about that woman in the mirror will become your story.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you automatically start looking at your “flaws” like your hair, breasts, stretch marks or cellulite? Do you see a woman who once had dreams that went unfulfilled? What opportunities did you let go by the wayside because you put your spouse, kids, or other distractions in front of your needs? 

How does this woman in the mirror feel? Does she feel inadequate, sad, unloved, or ignored?  Does this woman feel overwhelmed, stressed out and have the ability to give amazing face in public? What marathon does she play in her head over and over at night? Has she addressed her childhood traumas or does she carry her emotional baggage as a purse tightly clutched by her side? 

Whatever you see, feel, or think {mindset} about that woman in the mirror will become your story. Whether those thoughts are positive or negative they will seep into your relationships, your children, your job, your goals, and your body. People will begin to treat you like you treat yourself because that’s what you’ve taught them to do. 

Our minds are our most powerful weapon and for much of my life I underestimated the power of my thoughts. My husband often called me a “negative Nancy” but I called it “keeping it real”. And I was right! I believed my negative thoughts about being fat, never achieving “happiness”, financially strained, and never owning my own business. I believed it so much that it was actually my reality! 

This poisonous pool of thoughts became comfortable to me because it was familiar and I didn’t have to expect more of myself as long as I stayed there. But when you know better you must do better. I have two young girls who I must teach to be their best person(s) and I cannot do that if I am not showing them by my own actions. It’s hard to be a confidant and partner in a marriage if you are draining the energy out of it because you’re reflecting your feelings about you on them. 

Changing these behaviors doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time. It’s kind of like giving birth and expecting to look like you did before pregnancy by the very next day (oh the devastation I felt lifting up those covers looking at my new belly). Changing your mindset is a daily job when you’ve been addicted to negativity. You can’t do it all alone. 

Therapy, practicing daily positive affirmations, opening yourself up to forgiveness, strength training and exercise, reading and journaling, acknowledging when you’re becoming negative and redirecting your thoughts, do something new that scares you and go for it (hmmmm…LIKE START A PODCAST) are some of the tools I use to help me!

Here’s my affirmation for today:

Hi, my name is Nicole Tessier. I am the co-founder of @momlifeyesican. I am smart, funny, and beautiful. And I know that I can be a great wife and mother and still have time to achieve my goals. I can overcome any thoughts of negativity or worry that try to distract me. I can share my story without guilt or shame because I am helping other women who deal with these same issues and we will change the world. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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