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Your Job Does NOT Define Who You Are

No matter what the world may tell you, no matter what the stigma is in your local culture, your job does not have the power to make a definition of the person you are.

I have recently been going through some major changes in my career. You may have experienced something similar before in your own profession. One thing I can tell you for sure is this, my job does not define who I am, and your job does not define who you are either. No matter what the world may tell you, no matter what the stigma is in your local culture, your job does not have the power to make a definition of the person you are. 

My experiences have helped to mold the person I am today, but they do not determine what I do on a daily basis or my character. There are many people in this world who may judge you for being fired, let go, or quitting a job. Please don’t allow them to tear you down or cause you pain. It’s time to use that negative energy and turn it around to something much more positive. I have been through each of these life changing career moments. 

Yes, I have been fired. 

Yes, I have been laid off. 

Yes, I have quit. 

Each time I have the opportunity to grow, change, and allow my life to be refocused on what truly matters most. 

In my experiences I have been forced out of jobs due to -caring too much (yes, this is a reason!), -poor time and financial management on the business owners part, -being savvy, -personality conflicts, -careless employers, -my own health, -seeking information -toxic work environments, -STRESS, and oh my goodness this list could really be a mile long. The fact is, there is no perfect job or perfect employer.

However, now that we have all that negativity out there, let’s find the positive! 

  • When I have been given the gift of a new job I have the opportunity  to meet new people. Expanding my network is something I pride myself in and love getting to know others. How can I help them with their duties and tasks? How can I make a positive impact on their lives? Sometimes I wonder if we are given the gift of change in our own lives to bless the lives of others.
  • We get to step outside our comfort zone and learn something new. It’s true! Every time I start a new job I have challenges that help me to grow. Learning a new software system, office protocols, and how to use new equipment to name a few. 
  • Change is good. Sometimes I think we get too comfortable and complacent in our current situation and that can be viewed as lazy. When we switch it up we are suddenly more eager than ever to impress and perform to the best of our abilities. This gives us a higher sense of self worth as well. 
  • Some opportunities would never have fallen into my lap had I not been looking for a job in the right moment. 

“I didn’t see it then, But it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful, was replaced by the lightness, of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.”

  —Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Whatever your job is, remember to be who you are. Allow the experiences you have to mold you for the better, but do NOT allow the negative things to creep in and take over. Your job does NOT define who you are! I hope you are inspired to be yourself, to be honest, to be caring, to be genuine, to be happy, and to be confident!


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