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10 Easy Ways To Build Your Skill Set Today

We often think of our skill set coming strictly from our sources of education, when in all reality we learn new skills nearly every day. Here is a list of 10 ways we can build our skills on a daily basis...

We often think of our skill set coming strictly from our sources of education, when in all reality we learn new skills nearly every day. Here is a list of 10 ways we can build our skills on a daily basis:

1. Read.

Whether it is a great motivational book, a magazine, or even a novel, we can learn so much from others experiences. Amazon has made it easy to download books on their reader app, and audible also has an app that allows you to listen to books. Audio books are a wonderful version if you are busy and a multitasker like me. Folding laundry? Listen to a book! Driving to or from work? Listen! Getting your daily jog in? You get the picture.

2. TED talks.

When I discovered TED talks I was so upset that I hadn’t known about them sooner. Each one presents a powerful idea and inspires you to change for the better. My favorite is: Brene Brown TED Talk on Vulnerability

Trust me, it is worth the watch!

3. Sign up to volunteer.

I have been able to support my national and local associations by being a member and paying my dues year after year. Thirteen years in and I am finally willing to give of my time and experience to volunteer on a committee. I will not be compensated monetarily for my time and efforts, although adding to my skill set will pay back over time. There will be many opportunities for me to learn along this new journey and I encourage you to seek the same challenge!

4. Go to local conventions relative to your field.

Even if the convention is not local you can really learn a lot from professional speakers presenting on relevant topics no matter where the event is held. Make a trip or vacation out of it. Have fun and add to your knowledge at the same time!

5. Network on LinkedIn and follow influencers.

Check your feed at least weekly to get a good boost of motivation. One of my favorite things to do is scroll through LinkedIn. I think that officially makes me a nerd! There are thousands of follow worthy professionals on the career minded media site. I get many of my inspirational quotes from scrolling through my LinkedIn feed.

6. Subscribe and listen to podcasts.

A wealth of information is at our fingertips on our devices. There are many entrepreneurs that have podcasts and many that relate to your specific field of work. All you have to do is ask around, or just type in the search bar the topic that interests you. Most podcasters post new episodes on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

7. Webinars.

With an ever increasingly tech centered world, our ability to access the best is literally in our pockets and purses. I always see opportunities to participate in live webinars whether at the time it is presented or available for playback at a later time. Usually you discover these fantastic gems through your network on social media, LinkedIn, or subscriptions.

8. Blogs and websites.

There are thousands of .coms out there with a plethora of choices to inspire and teach you new skills. Many of which have an option to subscribe to their email updates. I know you may be thinking all you need is a full inbox, but the really great blogs/sites out there only send you goodies. I love subscribing to food blogs to change up our menu at home, or the DIY side of life (not that I ever do any of the projects myself… they are fun to dream about though!) Ask around, your friends may have some wonderful suggestions. 

9. Pinterest.

Need I say more? If there is any particular project or skill you are unsure about, I bet Pinterest has a tutorial, video, pictures, or instructions. Fill your Pinterest boards with information that inspire you to attain a new skill. Don’t get frustrated if you try something and it isn’t Pinterest picturesque. Do your best each time you try and pat yourself on the back for each effort.

10. Newsletters.

How many emails do you get each day? How many of those emails encourage you to become something better, to be more than you were yesterday, to be your best self? If you are reading this because you are subscribed to the modern career woman’s blog/newsletter then THANK YOU! If you stumbled upon us from a web search, bravo! Be sure to sign up to receive more insightful articles in the future. I promise we won’t let you down. 

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